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Eastern Lariat

Dec 30, 2019

It's the Final Lariat of 2019! STRIGGA & Dylan first revisit the Year End Awards episode, name their Joshi MVP of 2019, debate about Hazuki, Kagetsu and Miyu Yamashita's plan to make TJP the #1 Joshi company before turning their attention to Dramatic Dream Team's D-King Grand Prix 2020 that also took place in 2019. From there on it's all about the future as the Eastern Lariat previews the AJPW double header on Januar 2nd & 3rd as well as the NOAH double header on January 4th & 5th. With NOAH's show on the 5th being a mystery show STRIGGA & Dylan go deep into fantasy booking bot mode. Last, but not least, Dylan brings up his thoughts on Tanahashi, AEW and The Elite which brings STRIGGA to an interesting business model between AEW and NJPW in the US.