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Eastern Lariat

Feb 15, 2023

Dylan is joined by a shocking return in WH Park from POST Wrestling! And on top of it it's to talk about a full length NOAH show! We go over NOAH's Osaka offering and then use that to talk about the Muto Dome show just one more time before it happens as the show is so prominent, even on the NOAH show with yet another memorable Kaito & Okada main event angle. We transition to NJPW and a little bit on their big show as well, the most notable thing being Jay White losing the loser leaves Japan match vs. Hikuleo. Mostly NOAH but a bit of Muto stuff and also NJPW too, it was great to talk to WH again! And keep your eyes peeled for STRIGGA to return next week talking about the Dome show and all of the other stuff falling out from it!

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