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Eastern Lariat

May 28, 2023

With STRIGGA on vacation and a big STARDOM show to talk about Dylan brings back Sondre Bjørn for a ride through, as they go through the spectacular finals of NJPW's Best of the Super Jr. Run down best matches, what they think of Wato and his big win, as well as where the Jrs. and the company as a whole is headed towards in the future. The second half of the show is dedicated to STARDOM, as we talk about the entire Flashing Champions show, the direction of the company and then run down the participants announced for the Five Star Grand Prix with a spirited conversation about things in Joshi's most popular company.

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and listen to Sondre and Dylan's show the Dramatic Dream Dragons about DDT, Dragon Gate & GLEAT.

Hopefully you enjoyed the show and have a great week!