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Eastern Lariat

Aug 13, 2018

The 28th G1 Climax is over and not only does New Japan Pro Wrestling have a survivor, but we are survivors as well, because for 19 events this tournament has been an incredible ride. On this show STRIGGA & Dylan go in depth with everything (no C Block, sorry) surrounding the G1 Climax final shows from Tokyo Nippon Budokan which includes one more look at the Firing Squad storyline and possible go away heat, the setup of Budokan, the tournament matches form Friday until Sunday, each person's tournament, the best matches and MVPs. Witness yet another altercation about Hangman Page as STRIGGA & Dylan get in a heated argument about the G1 newcomer. With the post G1 press conference in the rear mirror the Eastern Lariat crew also view at what lies ahead in the months to come and even talk about some possible Wrestle Kingdom matches. It's an XXLariat for extra large topic!