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Eastern Lariat

Oct 18, 2018

Plans change, they say. Even in podcasting not everything goes as planned and as promised here are some of the bloopers or outtakes that - for different reasons - have been cut from the past 100 episodes. Enjoy!

Oct 12, 2018

Come on in and celebrate our 100th episode with us! Right off the bat STRIGGA talks about the japanese influx in this year's wXw World Tag Team League as well as Meiko Satomura in Femmes Fatales before him and Dylan toss it back to Japan to discuss King of Pro-Wrestling and everything surrounding it. You'll hear takes...

Oct 3, 2018

STRIGGA & Dylan are back with another XXLariat in which they cover the month of September in All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. All Japan saw the 6th Royal Road (or Oudou) Tournament thrat had some outstanding action featuring the names you're used to from AJPW, but that also had Kengo Mashimo in...