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Eastern Lariat

Dec 6, 2021

Join in with the Eastern Lariat celebrating their 200th episode! After reflecting on the history of the podcast with Dylan & STRIGGA telling the story of how they became a team, the dymanic duo focuses on their bread and butter: Japanese Pro-Wrestling! The anniversary episode sets the stage to discuss the incredible 60 minute time limit draw between Katsuhiko Nakajima and Kenou in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Of course, STRIGGA & Dylan also look at NOAH's Budokan card and make some predictions for various wrestlers in 2022. Other topics on this show include All Japan, their Real World Tag League, Jake Lee as champion and Naoya Nomura leaving. DDT is also featured once again with the D-Ou GP final between Konosuke Takeshita and Yuki Ueno that could've started a new main event rivalry. Last, but not least the turmoil in the Joshi scene with retirements and wrestlers leaving their promotions gets talked about. Another show that embodies the full Eastern Lariat spirit of covering as much ground as possible!