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Eastern Lariat

Mar 6, 2022

Dylan has a guest! With STRIGGA out doing his thing at wXw's 16 Carat, Dylan is left all alone and he's recruited a friend, and he's a doctor! Dr. Jonathan Foye has risen to prominence in wrestling through writing his book, Ganbaru: How All Japan Pro Wrestling Survived the Year 2000 Roster Split which just so happens to cover the AJPW Year 2000 roster split! And coincidentally we start with AJPW in Year 2022 as we offer speculation on the Champion Carnival and much like Captain Planet, our powers unite to come up with perhaps the worst Japanese wrestling idea ever. From there we go to NJPW and discuss both the 50th Anniversary Show and the New Japan Cup, talking about the day 1 matches and then predict a winner and discuss many things. Finally we briefly touch on Kazuyuki Fujita's GHC Title win to end the show. It's a different style of The Lariat and wherever STRIGGA is, WE DID IT ALL FOR YOU, BUDDY.

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