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Eastern Lariat

May 26, 2024

Hanami season is officially over in Japan, but the flowers bloom nonetheless with Marigold's debut Show Marigold Fields Forever and the yearly Hana Kimura Memorial show. The Eastern Lariat takes a detailed look at Rossy Ogawa's new project with a match-by-match analysis and a projection for some of the roster members' prospects within the new company. A few days later, also in Korakuen Hall, Kyoko Kimura presented the 2024 Memorial Show for her late daughter Hana. For this one, STRIGGA & Dylan discuss how far you can go with yearly memorial shows of this kind. The men's side of puroresu is represented by Pro Wrestling NOAH's One Night Dream 2 that featured Kenoh vs. Minoru Suzuki and Masa Kitamiya vs. Tomohiro Ishii as well as with a half tiem check on New Japan Pro Wrestling's Best of the Super Junior 31. With the final headlining Dominion, the die seems to be cast – or is it?