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Eastern Lariat

Sep 3, 2018

Two weeks after the G1 Climax ended the Eastern Lariat crew gets back together to shed a light on some of the promotions that fell short to the spectacle that the G1 was. STRIGGA & Dylan talk about some of the best matches that happened in Pro Wrestling NOAH in recent months while also discussion some of the storyline developments on the ark. From there the two move on to All Japan's Summer Explosion Series, the King of DDT tournament and all the turmoil surrounding the KO-D Openweight Title. After STRIGGA talks about Takayamania Empire and Dylan gets to hype the most recent Tokyo Joshi Pro show he leaves the scenary as STRIGGA interviews French wrestler André Cartier who took a chance and lived in Japan while (in the end successfully) trying to get into the Japanese independent scene. Get some unique insights into the japanese scene including training in the Big Japan dojo.