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Eastern Lariat

Jun 30, 2019

This week on Pure Heart, Pure Lariat Dylan (@DylanZeroSky) brings on his first repeat guest, going back to the original, WH Park (@whpark9) from POST Wrestling as we take a look at fellow POST Worker Damian Abraham (lead singer of Fucked Up) and his documentary show on Viceland TV, The Wrestlers, with this entire show dedicated to the episode focused on World Wonder Ring STARDOM. The episode itself revolves around Mayu Iwatani, Rossy Ogawa, Fuka, Kris Wolf, Jungle Kyona, AZM, with cameos by others. The conversation turns much longer than expected when we take a deep dive into Japanese culture as brought up on the documentary and WH gives his thoughts on Western takes on Japan and Japanese culture, along with both he and Dylan talking about Rossy Ogawa, a live perspective of Korakuen Hall, a deep dive on Shin-Kiba 1st ring's "locker rooms", and the native Japanese fans of STARDOM with some records getting set straight and pure talk about more than just wrestling.